Team Manager Resources

Team Manager Training
DI has a treasure trove of web based trainings through the DI Learning Management Systems. When you purchase a team membership, you will be able to access the training. You will need to create an account with DI to access these. We also have access to Colorado DI webinars beginning this fall. We will send out an email with this information.

Team Resources
DI has an amazing set of resources from Destination Imagination. This page offers the latest published clarifications, team manager tips, and some great activities for your team. Check out the following links for information shared on Team Choice Elements, Instant Challenges, Team Building, and How to Read a Challenge.

DI Tips for Better Performances California Team Manager Resources–Recorded webinars include Rules of the Road, Brainstorming and Decision Making, Creating a Great Skit, Instant Challenge Tips, Beginning Team Manager Training, Bringing it All Together, and Tournament Prep.

Team Building and Communication IdeasThis is a collection of great ideas on how to facilitate communication and team building on your team.

Go Wyoming DI teams!